The Marine Department

Other marine equipment

STr’s Marine Department always dealt with the widely understood marine technology. Diesel engines have been a special area of our activity for many years, but we have always worked to meet all technical problems of our customers. We offer extensive technical support for shipowners, shipyards and service companies.

Providing comprehensive technical supply for ships requires a very large range of products. From the top of the mast to the bottom of the ballast tanks, ships are full of equipment and devices requiring regular maintenance, repairs and replacements. Our goal is to provide the widest support possible to the technical and supply services of shipping operators, which is why our offer includes all the engineering, deck, navigational, automatics and electrical equipment.

We offer a wide range of spare parts suitable for the following devices:

Diesel Engine spare parts

Turbocharger spare parts

Deck Equipment spare parts

Other auxiliary equipment spare parts

... and for any other equipment found on board of sea going vessels.



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