The Marine Department


Through years of experience on marine market we gained good knowledge about spare parts suitable for separators and related equipment. We’ve built our offer in cooperation with OEMs, alternative, highly experienced, European makers, former manufacturers’ licensees and other well experience specialists involved in separators market.

We offer wide range of most commonly exchanged spare parts and service kits suitable for most popular separators. All our spare parts are of high quality, comparable to those of genuine brands.

Zestawy serwisowe odpowiednie do zastąpienia zestawów Alfa Laval

Spare parts suitable for Alfa Laval separators

Separators MMPX, MAPX, P615, MIB303, LOPX, SA825, S921, P605, SU826, SA850

Spare parts suitable for Westfalia separators


Our scope of supply is constantly expanding, please contact us with any inquiries regarding the above-mentioned devices and similar types. Our experience and extensive technical knowledge allow us to meet almost any demand.



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