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Sulzer Engines spare parts

Due to our involvement in support of ships built by Polish shipbuilding industry, the Sulzer engines became the center of our interest. Though years we have establish good market position and entered in partnership with the Polish licensee of Sulzer engines.

Companies STr and HCP have established collaboration in the field of supply of spare parts for engines produced in Poland under licenses of Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd (commonly known as Sulzer type) and MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (commonly known as type B & W). As a manufacturer of engines and components with 60 years of experience, HCP guarantees high quality of the offered parts, confirmed by HCP certificates. Certified parts can be supplied with class certificates, from the classification societies affiliated with IACS.

We offer full range of spare parts for engines type A20, A25, AS25, AT25, S20 as well as engine type Z40 and its variants. Companies STr and HCP cooperate also in the field of supply of parts for main engines type RL, RD, RND, RT, RTFlex manufactured under license of Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd (commonly known as type Sulzer) and L, S, K under license of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (commonly known as type B & W).

STr’s offer is a composition of high-quality spare parts from original makers of Sulzer engines, OEMs and alternative makers. In each case the quality and origin are strictly monitored and controlled.

Types of engines that we support:

SULZER: RND, RND-M, RLA, AL20/24, A20H, AL25/30, AV25/30, ASL25/30, ATL25/30, ATV25/30, TAD48, BAH22, S20, RTA, ZL40/48, ZV, ZAS, RTA62U, RTA62U-B, RTA58T, RTA58T-B, RTA48T, RTA48T-B, S20;



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