About us

STr Marine is a team of experienced professionals, performing deliveries of spare parts and ship devices supplies and organizing ship repairs and maintenance.

Our offer consists of wide range of products and includes parts and devices from global maritime industry manufacturers. Many of our long-term partners make use of our services regarding the choice, consolidation and supply of parts from most producers of ship devices and selected devices for the offshore sector. 

However, the main part of our offer are spare parts suitable for a narrow group of devices, about which we have the most knowledge, gained over the years of presence on the maritime market:

Air compressors

We offer spare parts suitable for screw and piston air compressors from renowned brands of the marine market.


We have a wide range of repair kits and other spare parts suitable for separators.


We offer spare parts for selected pumps used in various ship systems.


We are experts in the supply of spare parts suitable for diesel engines manufactured under license from Sulzer.

Ship equipment of Polish production

Our offer includes all engine room, on-board, navigation, automatic and electrical equipment.

Other ship equipment

We offer a wide range of spare parts for various types of marine equipment from renowned global manufacturers.

Among our partners there are companies from European Union, Far East, Vietnam, Middle East, Caspian Basin or the South America. In addition to shipowners operating fleets of cargo ships, we supply many fishing vessels, as well as fleets and specialized installations related to the exploration of sea-bed resources.

Cooperation with us in the supply of parts, supplies and equipment gives our partners: certainty of good quality parts, lower expenses and, consequently, lower operating costs, support of a team of experienced specialists and a solid approach of a company with over thirty-five years of tradition.

Warehouse And Logistics

Shipping to the customers of the STr Marine is managed by a separate group of specialists from the contract performance department. STr has the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system implemented. Within the system, all supplies are controlled and packaged in accordance with the system, international norms and client’s requirements.

Thanks to the SAP system, all offers, transactions and supplies are performed smoothly, in a consistent way. We have our own warehouse of ship parts, allowing us to significantly limit supply time for the selected range of products and consolidate more effectively for the customers from more distant regions of the world.

Permanent cooperation with the best transport and shipping companies allows us to supply the products safely and cheaply to any port of the world.

Our partners

Companies STr and HCP have established collaboration in the field of supply of spare parts for engines produced in Poland under licenses of Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd (commonly known as Sulzer type) and MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (commonly known as type B & W). As a manufacturer of engines and components with 60 years of experience, HCP guarantees high quality of the offered parts, confirmed by HCP certificates. Certified parts can be supplied with class certificates, from the classification societies affiliated with IACS.
We offer full range of spare parts for engines type A20, A25, AS25, AT25, S20 as well as   engine type Z40 and its variants.

Since 2020, we have been a proud member of the EMISA association, which brings together independent manufacturers and service technicians operating on the maritime market. It is an excellent platform for us to exchange experiences, knowledge about practical and legal aspects of our and our partners’ activities, as well as, of course, networking.

For shipowners who have integrated external purchasing platforms with their procurement process, we offer cooperation through two of the most popular platforms available on the market, Shipserv and Procureship. We invite you to cooperate in the entire scope of our offer.

Group History


STr Shipping and Trading was established as a company dealing in spare parts and ship equipment.


Implementation of the first large modernization project - replacement of the main and auxiliary engines along with all auxiliary equipment on a large seagoing ferry.


The production of steel elements has been added to the company's portfolio.


ISO 9001-2000 certificate obtained


The company started developing the offer of spare parts for air compressors.


STr Shipping and Trading has divided its operations into 3 separate subsidiaries under one ownership group.


Str Marine introduces spare parts for centrifugal pumps to its offer.

Currently, STr Marine belongs to the STr Group of companies, which includes:

STr Invest

The company manages real estate where production and commercial activities are carried out, as well as commercial real estate in the Old Town of Szczecin.

STr Marine

A company engaged in commercial activities on the maritime market, broadly described on this website.

STr Production

CNC machining plant operating on the basis of a well-equipped and modern machine park, its own quality control and a complex warehouse structure.

We are a group under a common ownership structure, whose real beneficiaries are Mr. Jarosław Kubel and Bronisław Kubel.

The historical segment of services provided by STr were overhauls and repairs, including class dock overhauls, also under the supervision of classification societies.

Our offer was addressed to shipowners whose ships operate mainly in Europe, but we also marked our strong presence in this extent, also in the Caspian Sea basin.

In cooperation with service partners, we performed all types of work, from hull, mechanical and hydraulic, to advanced automation and complex electrical systems.

Even though this part of our activities has been completed, it is an important indicator of our knowledge, competences and experience and an important part of the legacy of our activities in the maritime market.

Selected projects

In our 30-year history, we have carried out many overhaul projects. You can read about the most interesting of them below.


Our experience includes modernization of the engine room of a large passenger & car ferry, consisting of replacing two main engines of the B&V type with Zgoda Sulzer 6ZA40S engines, together with foundations and the whole infrastructure (coolers, pumps, pipelines, service tanks, centrifuges, the control and measurement system and remote engine control). All the modernization works were carried out within 30 work days.


Another of our achievements was an overhaul of the engine room and the on-board 40-tonne crane of a B99 type ship, the Ramiz Gadzijev, in the repair base of an Azerbaijani shipping operator, KMNF, in Baku. It included repair or replacement of all the mechanical devices of the engine room, including replacement of the crankshafts of two 8AL20/24 type main engines and three 6AL20/24 generators. We also replaced the main boiler, most pumps and the starting compressors. The switchboard and the whole control and measurement system, including remote control, were also overhauled. The crane underwent full electric maintenance, including replacement of the magnetic brakes and all the rigging.


Another difficult task was to repair the 100-tonne on-board crane at a crane ship built in Yugoslavia, owned by an Azerbaijani shipping operator KMNF in Baku, the Zulfi Gadzijev, of the K/S 1000 type.
The crane had undergone a malfunction of the lift, which required replacement. The owner did not have documentation. The lift was designed and made in Poland. Other mechanisms were repaired under the supervision of Polish specialists. The main hydraulic power unit was replaced following the design of engineers from Bosch-Rexroth, under the supervision of Polish specialists.


Following the well carried out crane repair, we were contracted by the same client to modernize and rebuild a twin crane ship of 100 tons load carrying capacity, of the K/S 1000 type, the Shirvan. The modernization blueprint was prepared by engineers from Bosch-Rexroth, with our specialists participating. The works included replacement of all the drives and pump aggregates, the entire electrical system and the electronic control and supervision system. The devices were purchased by STr. Under the supervision of our specialists, new devices were installed and the rest of the mechanisms were overhauled.


Customer Service

Customer Service

Project implementation

Project implementation