Polish production ship equipment

Comprehensive technical supply of ships requires a very wide product offer. From the top of the mast to the bottom of the bottom tanks, ships are packed with equipment and devices that require regular service, repairs and replacement.

Our goal is to support the technical and supply services of shipowners to the widest possible extent, which is why our offer includes all engine, on-board, navigation, automatic and electrical equipment.

The beginnings of the Marine Department were related with ships and devices built in Poland. Our partners who have such ships in their fleets up to this day can make use of our experience in this field and good knowledge of the local market.

We are excellent specialists in the supply of spare parts and equipment for ships built in Poland, in particular types B92, B93, B99, B98, B400, B407, B408, B673. We will certainly be a very good source of all parts and equipment manufactured in Poland for the shipbuilding industry.

Engine room

Propellers, gears, stern tube, thrusters
  • Propellers (e.g.: CP/ACG, CP/S, E/F, CP/G, E/G, ST, PH etc.)
  • Reduction gears, gears for the cruise generator (e.g.: MAV, ASL, ASL2, BH etc.);
  • Stern tube sealing (e.g.: MK2, SC, Supreme etc.);
  • Tunnel, bow and aft thrusters (e.g.: N1.1, N1.3, N1.6 etc.);

We supply spare parts for the devices from such companies as: Zamech, Hydroster, Lips, IHC, Simplex etc.

Combustion engines
  • SULZER: RND, RND-M, RLA, AL20/24. A20H, AL25/30, AV, ASL, ATL, ATV, TAD48, BAH22, S20, RTA, ZL40/48, ZV, ZAS, RTA62U, RTA62U-B, RTA58T, RTA58T-B, RTA48T, RTA48T-B, S20;
  • MAN B&W: L67GF, L67GFCA, L45GFCA, K67GF, K62EF, K80MC-C, 662VT2BF, L28/32H;
  • WOLA: 135R6, 135V12, H31, S12;
  • ANDORIA: ZE-266, ZE-400;
  • CATERPILLAR: 3116, 3126, 3176, 3306, 3406, C-10, C-12;
  • CUMMINS: LTA10, M11, N14, NT855, NTA855, KTA19, KTA38, KTA50;
  • WARTSILA: 20, 26, 28, 32, 38, 46;
  • SKL: NVD 48A – 2U, VD 26/20;
  • DEUTZ: M350;

Long lasting business relationship between the biggest Polish marine engine manufacturer HCP Cegielski and company STr, has resulted in strategic cooperation in the field of provision of spare parts for Polish diesel engines, made based both Wärtsilä Switzerland LTD license (commonly known as the Sulzer type) and MAN Diesel & Turbo SE license (commonly known as the B&W type). Our common offer consists of full range of the spare parts intended for engines: A20, A25, AS25, AT25, S20 and Z40 in their whichever configuration, and main engines of types: RL RD RND RT, RTFlex and B&W L, S, K.

We supply spare parts for the devices from such companies as:

HCP Cegielski, Zgoda Sulzer, Andoria, ZM Wola, B&W, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, MAN, Pielstick, Puck, PZL Mielec, SKL, Wartsila etc.


Generators e (e.g.: .: ZE266, ZE400, 21ZPM, 76ANM, 116ANM, Gd etc.)

We supply spare parts for the devices from such companies as: ABB, Andoria, Dolmel, HCP Cegielski, ZM Wola etc.

Boilers, boiler equipment
  • Boilers, dampeners, soot blowers, spark catchers (g.: KW, VX, LA, VL, ZS4-6, 253, AQ etc.);
  • Burners (g.: UO, AO etc.);

We supply spare parts for the devices from such companies as: Aalborg Industries, Elfa, Fapam, Jafar, Polmor, Rafako, Stocznia Gdańska, Weishaupt etc.

Auxiliary equipment
  •  Turbochargers (e.g .: VTR, 52, C045, RR181 etc.);
  • Oil filters, fuel-, oil- heaters (e.g. FO, FSA, FL2, FL4, FP, FP, FLP2, Poe etc.);
  • Electric heaters (e.g. PWS, PWM, Poe, PU etc.);
  • Oil and water coolers (e.g. Type 300 -1000 etc.);
  • Evaporators (e.g. JWP etc.);
  • Overflow condensers (e.g. SN etc.);
  • Air coolers (e.g. CP etc.);
  • Vacuum pumps (e.g. PP etc.);
  • Centrifugal pumps (e.g. S, SK, KS, YNoL, PJM, Z2-K, WOC, Wsa, Wa etc.);
  • Gear pumps (e.g. PZ, PZT, PZ2-K etc.);
  • Piston pumps (e.g. PTO-2, WPTO-2, TKE etc.);
  • Screw pumps (e.g. ACE, ACG, ABQ, ACF, AAH etc.);
  • Pump units (e.g. SD, SE, SG etc.);
  • Centrifuges (e.g. MAPX, MAB, UVPX, MB, LOPX, FOPX, MMPX etc.);
  • Blowers (e.g. PK etc.);
  • Air compressors (e.g. SC2, SE, SF, SCP, WP, HATLAPA, SPERRE etc.);
  • Hydrophores (e.g. SMP etc.);
  • Water separators (e.g. OW, OB, 5A1M etc.);
  • Garbage incinerators (e.g. SO, MAX1 etc.);
  • Wastewater treatment plants (e.g. LK etc.);
  • Mineralizers (e.g. MWP etc.);
  • Water sterilizers (e.g. SA4 etc.);

We supply spare parts for devices of companies such as: ABB, Białogon, Chemet, ELFA, FAPAM, GZUT, Hydral, Hydroster, Jafar, LFP, Rumia, POiE, SFUP, Warma, WPH, WSK etc.

Electrical equipment

Electrical devices
  •  Electric engines (e.g. PATK, mSS, mzSK, mzSKK, mz2SBKe, mzSSUDKf)
  • GTR cabinets (e.g. TB 6049, TB 6071, TB 6078, TB 6080, US 6034, US 6035, US 6016, US 6017, US 6018 etc…)
  • Transformers (e.g.:: T1, T3, TEa, TMa 63, TMa 160, TMa 250, TMa 400, TMa 630, TMa 1000, TMa 1600, TMa 2500, TO 63, TOPa 63, TO 160, TO 250, TO 400, TO 630, TOHs 1000, TOHs 2500 etc…)
  • Converters (e.g.:: PCPG, PRZe, mSSDf280M4, PCOMb94bM etc…)

From such companies as: Elta, Spes-Elektromet, Efa, ZDZ, Elmor, Dolmel, Emit, Wamel, Ema-Komel, Celma, Indukta, Tamel, Ema-Besel, Sezamor, Siemens, ABB, Cantoni etc…

Measurement devices
  •  Sensors (thermocouples, strain gauges, accelerometers, inductive, capacity, optical);
  • Meters (panel indicators, voltmeters, ammeters (e.g.: LE-3, MER, MK-2, MK-3, MK 2A, MK 3A), wattmeters (e.g. LW-1), ohmmeters, level meters, multimeters, anemometers, manometers, thermometers);

Produced by such companies as: Mera, Mera-Poltik, Mera Zap, Mera-Kfap, Mera-Lumel, Mera-Centrum, Famor, SRM-E, ZDZ, KFM, Wika, Sika etc.

  •  Lamps (e.g.: integrated and non-integrated fluorescent tubes, compact lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps etc.);
  • Casings (e.g.: floodlight, LED, technical, internal, external, emergency lighting, explosion-resistant, watertight etc.);
  • Signalling and navigational lights (e.g: LR1, NZ 4071, NZ 4072, NZ 4096 etc.);
  • Searchlights (e.g.: : PZ 4016, PK 4050, PZ 4042, B 410 etc.);
  • Fitting elements (e.g.: : OF 4057, OZ 4061, OF 4054, OF 4068, OZ 4060, etc.);

Manufactured by such companies as: Polam-Rem, Appleton, Glamox, Aqua Signal, Peters+Bey, Famor, Famed-1 etc.

Electronics elements

Safeties, modular units, coils, diodes, cassettes, condensers, modules, transmitters, integrated circuits, resistors, transistors, thyristors, slots, buttons and switches.

Manufactured by such companies as: Apena, Famor, Promet, Ema-Apator, Miflex, Ema-Fael, Mera-Refa, Tryb, Polam, Ema-Wiefamel, Polam-Kontakt, Schneider Electric, Relpol etc.

Automatics elements

Electrical and pneumatic valve control, elements for controlling engines, generators, pumps, separators, etc., switches, regulators, signallers, actuators, positioners, servomechanisms, transmitters, converters.

Produced by such companies as: Elmor, Mera, Mera-Poltik, Mera Zap, Mera-Kfap, Mera-Lumel, Mera-Centrum, Mera-Zza, Ema-Mokroma, Promet, Kongsberg, Apena, Fach, Efa, Ostróda, Mobrey, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Controlmatica, Autronica etc.


Anchoring and mooring equipment
  •  Anchor, mooring and dual purpose windlasses (g.:WC 8, WC 12.5, WC 16 etc.);
  • Anchor, mooring and dual purpose capstans (g.: KB 3z, KB 5z, KB 5uz etc.);
  • Chains, ropes, anchors (e.g.: Hall, four-arm, stocked types, class U2, class U3);
  • Chain stoppers, rope guides, mooring bitts (e.g.: G47);
  • Pneumatic, foam, wharf fenders

Produced by such companies as: Zamech, Sezamor, Stocznia Szczecińska, Metalowiec, etc.

Cranes, winches, hoists, powered electrically, hydraulically and pneumatically
  • Cranes, hoists and winches for loading (g.: ZP1.5/12, ZP1.5/13, ZP3/10, ZP5/14, TZP5/14, ZP5, ZP2x5, ZP8, ZP2x8, ZP12,5, ZP2x12,5, ZP16, ZP2x16, ZP20, ZP2x20, ZP25, ZP2x225, Zo5, Zo4, Zo32, Ew5BL/P, Ew5-5BL/P, Ew5-8BL/P, Ew5-12BL/P, Ez5CL/P, Ez5/3BL/P, Ez8/5CL/P, Ez10/3BL/P, Ez10/5BL/P, Ez12/8CL/P, Ez32/12CL/P, Ez5/3-5/3BL/P, Ez5-5CL/P, Ez5-8BL/P, Ez5-8CL/P, Ez5/3-10/6BL/P, Ez5-12BL/P, Ez5-12CL/P, WG32Ez01, WG32Ez05, WG32E21z, WG32E621z, WG5Ez10, WG5Ez11, Ez3B, Ew3B, BLS, BLS 63-40h, WG 05-16z, WGS 10-10z, WGP, WZP050z2, WZP125z2, WZP200z3, WE03z5.3, WD5, ZOP, ZOW, ZOWT, ZOWE, ZOH, WS60/300, WS80/400, WS100/600, WRS2.5/3.2, WRS5.0/6.3 etc.);
  • Cranes for lifesaving vessels (e.g E10/7.2, E10/12.5, E16/12, E16/20, E25/18, E25/31, E40/28, E40/50, E63/45, E63/80, E100/72, E100/125, WR10P, WR14P, WR40P, WR40z3, WR40z4, WR40z5, WR40z6, WR40z7, WR63z9, WR63z10, ZLGPJ, ZLGPW, ZLGP3J6s, WLR5 etc.);
  • Overhead travelling and mobile lifting cranes;
  • Cranes, hoists and winches for engineering;
  • Spare parts and components (e.g. blocks, actuators, electric and hydraulic engines, pumps, ropes);

Manufactured by such companies as: Towimor, Fama, Fud, Zamech, Tryb, MSP, Rexroth etc.

Lifesaving and communications equipment
  •  Antennas, radars, radio-navigational and GPS equipment (e.g: AM, RK 3805, RR 3906-4, RR 3907, RS 103, ON 1204, K 2212, AA 1212, ARC 1403, SP 4501, SRN 300, SRN 600, SRN 700, RD 9302, ACO-20/80, SW-400, IT 3021, IT 3022, APZ-6, APK-6 );
  • Emergency, signalling and navigational;
  • Lifeboats and survival (g.: P1/2-s-ZZ, L/M/P-s-m-4/6, L/M/P-s-m-6, L/M/P-s-r, L-s-w, LR, PB, KTE-10, KTT-16 etc.);
  • Vests, buoys and lifebuoys (e.g.: FH-105, Poznan-2/PL, PK-1/PL, KR-70/PL );
  • Fire extinguishers, generators and extinguisher hoses, breathing apparatus, compressors, sensors and detectors, protective clothing;
  • Luminescent, fire safety escape signs (e.g.: in accordance with the resolution g.: A654, ISO 17631, for living zones etc.);

Produced by such companies as: Viking, Stomil, Stocznia Ustka, Izolacja, Żegluga Mazurska, Ostróda, Unitra-Unimor, Unitra-Radmor, Unitra-Radwar, MORS, Telkom-Telmor, JRC, Furuno, Banten etc.

Bulkhead doors, scuttles, covers
  •  Fire safety and watertight bulkhead doors;
  • Watertight and fire safety hatches and scuttles;
  • Scuttle and cargo hatch drives (e.g.: WD5, PWL10z4.46, PWL 18z9.46, PWL 12z4.35, PWL 22z9.35 etc.);

Produced by such companies as: Rawent, Hydroster, Remor, Silesia, Bomet, Żagiel etc.


Throttles and gate valves

1. Gate valves 497BnWM, 497BBnWM, 497RdWM, 497BRdWM, 497RkWM, 497BRkWM, 497HtMW, 497BHtWM

2. No-return valves 499GcWM, 499GcXWM

3. Wedge gate valves 011WM, 011AWM, 019WM, 033WM, 003WM

Shut-off and check valves

1. Camshaft shut-off valves 215WM, 215BWM, 216WM, 216BWM, 218/450, 218S, 218M, 222, 422/1, 422S/1, 430, 430S, 675, KL800,

2. Plate shut-off valves 275WM, 275XWM

3. Shut-off valves with internal screw 205WM, 205BWM, 207WM

4. Check valves 331WM, 331BWM, 331SWM, 287, 288, 292, 464,ZZ800,

5. Camshaft check valves 330WM, 330BWM,

6. Cap check valves 287WM, 288WM,

7. Check valves with internal screw 281WM, 283WM

8. Oblique check valves, skośne 318WM

9. Disc check valves 330WM, 330BWM, GLV

10. Hydraulic valves ZO1, ZZ, ZSZ2, ZDZ1, HZ, FO, Uct

11. Quick-acting valves 231, 232

Stop, bypass, control, safety valves and splitters

1. Stop valves ZO-160

2. Check valves ZZ320, ZSZ

3. No-return valves ZDZ160, ZDZ320

4. Bypass valves ZP160, ZP160E

5. Control valves, 3-way control valves ZTM, ZTR

6. Safety valves Si 6302, fig.392, Si5701G

7. Splitters A202, RBS

8. Pneumatic starters type 37 and 38

9. Water valves ZW

10. Heater valves ZGP, ZGK Heater valves

11. Pressure transducers, pressure switches, temperature switches ECOS, DCS, EXNA, PST3

12. Thermostats TRS Mertik.Clorius, Trafag Thermostats

Pipeline equipment

1. Self-closing power unit BU27-00

2. Ball valves 555B, 555Bb, 555Bg, 555Z, 555Zb, 555Zg, BV

3. Stream gauges 717

4. Manometers W60, W100, W160

5. Manometers MW60, MW100, MW160

6. Manometers M60, M100, M160

7. Thermometers

8. Regulation valves with thermostats L1S, L2S, L2SR, L3S, L3F, M1F, M3F, H1F, V.2.05, V.4.05, V.8.09

Cold store equipment

 1. Refrigerator compressors 4W200R2, W92S, 10W92SAR-2, 6SH75XR, SH58R,

2. Air coolers CVB, CVA, CHA, CHC,

3. Lamellar air coolers CPXR, CLXR

4. Cooling fans WOMD315, WOMD400

5. Expansion valves AZR-S

6. Check valves, shut-off valves, safety valves, 3-way valves, regulation valves for the manometers

7. Ozone generators ZO-L, ZZ2P, ZBK, ZT2, ZRP, ZOP, ZMP, ZMT, ZMK` Ozone generators OG11, OG21

8. Plate Freezers DSI,

The companies for whose products we supply spare parts: Armak, Befa, Bomet, Dębica, FACH, Głuchołazy, Hydral, Jafar, KFM, Klimor, Konwektor, KWT, Mera-Polna, PBUCh, PZL, Rapo, Sezamor, SWUP, Zelmech, ZM Tarnów, Zetkama, Zieleniewski

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