STr Marine is a supplier of spare parts suitable for most common types of starting air compressors and working air compressors used on ships.
Our clients benefit from both cost saving and performance. We offer high-quality OEM and European alternative makers’ spare parts, of proven quality and origin.

Our stock of most commonly replaced spare parts, allows us to deliver in a short notice. With 30 years of experience in supporting fleets from all over the World, we have good knowledge about shipping industry and its supply chain.

We offer full range of spare parts including pistons, con rods, valves, sealings and others. The main part of our offer are spare parts suitable for below listed types of compressors.


(L2-15, L2-20, L2-25, L2-28, L2-30, L2-35, L3-56, L3- 56, L3-100, L4-150, 2K25, 2k35, 2k95, 2k125, 2k155, 2k170, 3k48, 3k56, D30-10-6 i inne)

J.P. Sauer & Sohn

(WP13, WP15, WP18, WP22, WP25, WP32, WP33, WP40, WP45, P50, WP60, WP65, WP80L, WP100, WP100-100, WP101, WP120, WP150, WP151, WP225, WP250, P270, WP310L, WP100, WP120, WP135, WP150, WP160, WP2000, WP270, WP280, WP310, WP400 i inne)


(LL2/70, LL2/90, LL2/105, LL2/120, LL2/140, LL2/160, HV1/120, HV1/140, HV1/156, HV1/156A, HV2/200, HV2/210, HV2/218, HV2/219, HV2/220, HV2/240, HV2/270, HV2/270A, HV2/285, HV2/300, HL2/77, HL2/90, HL2/105, HL2/120, HL2/140, HL2/160, HLF2/77 i inne)


(L9, L14, L13, L18, L15, L20, L35, L45, L50, L80, L80II, L100, L130, L160, L190, L220, L260, L270, W25, W35, W45, W55, W30, W40, W80, W110, W140, W220, W280, W330, W420)


(H series – VLH series – SHC series, H-63, H-64, H-263, H-264, H-73, H-74, H-273, H-274, H-373, H-374, HC54A, HC65A, HC264A, HC265A, HC275A, HC277A, HC296, LHC164A, VH-275, VH-477, CMDAH264A, CMDAH265A, CMDAH275A, CMDAH277A, VLH-74, VLHOS-74, VLHH-74, VLH-114, VLHOS-114)

Atlas Copco

(series: GA VSD, SF, ZT/ZR, LE, LT..)

The scope of our offer is constantly growing. Please direct any of your inquiries for compressors spare parts to us. Our wide experience and technical knowledge allow us to meet almost any request.